Month: January 2014

“BBC News – Power of Art- Can Painting Improve Your Grades?”

Rockfall Destroys 300 year old Italian Farmhouse

“Incredible Video Shows How Boulders Demolished a 300-Year-Old Italian Farmhouse”

“Incredible Video Shows How Boulders Demolished a 300-Year-Old Italian Farmhouse”

Via Yahoo News

“Miraculously, no one was injured when three enormous boulders rolled down a hill and leveled a 300-year old house in Tramin, Northern Italy.

Drone footage captured the aftermath of the 4,000-cubic-meter rock fall. Two boulders leveled the barn, and then a third stopped just short of the living quarters and a car parked outside, sparing those inside.

It is believed that a rock tower that crumbled caused the accident. The property, which lies below a cliff, is owned by the Servite order of the Catholic Church. Philipp von Hohenbühel, who runs the Freisingerhof estate, estimates to Südtirol News that the boulders caused millions of dollars in damage.”

“Through Art, Coping With Depression and a Death”

“Through Art, Coping With Depression and a Death”

by John Otis via “NY Times

“Last May, Ms. Christian, 64, lost her partner of 37 years, Linda Brown.Even before Ms. Brown died, Ms. Christian had a tenuous grip on happiness.

“I’ve been depressed for most of my life,” she said. “Even as a kid, I never really felt attuned to what was going on around me.”

Dejection took further root in Ms. Christian this year when Ms. Brown, who had severe rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, began to deteriorate. Her mind started shutting down as rapidly as her body, said Ms. Christian, who was alarmed to see one day that Ms. Brown had cut off her beloved dreadlocks. When asked for a reason, Ms. Brown replied, with a vacant stare, “because I wanted to.” . . . .”




“Paintings looted by Nazi, recovered by Allies to be auctioned in NY”

“Paintings looted by Nazi, recovered by Allies to be auctioned in NY”

by Patricia Reaney via “Yahoo News

“NEW YORK (Reuters) – Paintings looted by the Nazis during World War Two and retrieved by the Monuments Men, the Allied group tasked with returning masterpieces to their rightful owners, will be sold at auction on Thursday in New York.

The works, which will go under the hammer during Sotheby’s sale of Important Old Master Paintings and Sculpture, were among the tens of thousands of works recovered by the art experts whose story is told in the George Clooney film “The Monuments Men,” which opens in U.S. theaters on February 7.

“The scale of looting was absolutely extraordinary,” said Lucian Simmons, Sotheby’s head of restitution.

“In France, for example, 36,000 paintings were stolen from institutions and largely from individuals. The Monuments Men managed to recover and return the majority of those,” he said in an interview.

Two small paintings in the sale, “La cueillette des roses” and “Le musicien” by the French rococo artist Jean-Baptise Pater, were chosen by Adolf Hitler’s air force chief Hermann Goering for his personal collection. . . . . .”