Month: February 2014

“In the Garden”

“In the Garden” by Pierre Auguste Renoir Currently Housed in the Hermitage in St. Peterburg, Russia

“Detroit Needs Money. Can A ‘Grand Bargain’ Save The City’s Art?”

“Detroit Needs Money. Can A ‘Grand Bargain’ Save The City’s Art?”

by Elizabeth Blair via “NPR”

“Can wealthy art lovers help save Detroit’s pension funds — and one of its museums?

The city is struggling to find ways to emerge from bankruptcy. One idea: sell the city’s art to save the pensions of city retirees. The Detroit Institute of Arts, or DIA, has faced serious financial difficulties over the years, and yet it holds the city’s most valuable assets: a world-class art collection that includes works by Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Matisse. Estimates vary, but Christie’s recently appraised these works at more than $850 million.

Because some of those masterpieces were bought with city funds, they could be auctioned off to pay creditors. “It’s the only source of money that exists in the city of Detroit,” philanthropist Paul Schaap says flatly.  . . . .”


Robert Reid’s Miniature

“The Miniature” by Robert Reid Currently Housed at the Detroit Institute of Arts

Haiti’s Luxury Brand Hotel is a Showcase for Haitian Art

“Haiti’s Luxury Brand Hotel is a Showcase for Haitian Art”

b y Jacqueline Charles via “Miami Herald”

” To followers of high fashion and the latest Haiti design trends, she is the young, hip luxury designer whose $600 handbags and beaded leather accessories are must-haves among the fashionista set.

But step into the first U.S.-brand hotel to open in Haiti in 15 years, the Best Western Premier, and another side of Haitian designer Pascale Théard quickly emerges.

“I want people to see that Haitian art can be extremely modern,” said Théard, 38, the creative eye behind the locally inspired . . . .”