Chinese Assess Culture and Heritage

Chinese Assess Culture and Heritage

by Maria Galinovic via “The Leader


AS ANY student of history knows, the Chinese have been in Australia for a long time.

They were part of the gold rush of the 1850s and have been arriving ever since — in small numbers, and in waves.

But should they retain their Chinese culture and heritage in Australia?

Some say yes and some say no — and there will be an attempt to settle the question in The Great Gap Debate on Thursday when people from St George will join teams of people from all over Sydney to fight for the affirmative and the negative.

Organisers Mikall Chong from Bexley and Daphne Lowe Kelley from Drummoyne are reworking a similar debate held earlier this year in Mandarin.

Both believe that this sort of debate has to be run in English to attract a wider range of people. . . . . .


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