Looting at Apamea recorded via Google Earth

“Looting at Apamea recorded via Google Earth”

via “Trafficking Culture”

The two images below show the same archaeological site, the ancient city of Apamea, in Syria, firstly as captured by Google Earth on 20th July 2011, and then on 4th April 2012. The scale of looting in between the months when the images were taken can be seen clearly.

These images are reproduced here with kind permission from Dr Ignacio Arce, Director of the Spanish Archaeological Mission to Jordan, who originally took the images from Google Earth.

“Cooperating to Preserve Jordan’s Rich Cultural Heritage”

“Cooperating to Preserve Jordan’s Rich Cultural Heritage”

“Small-scale income-generating research projects in the field of antiquities should be established in Jordan, the final conference of the EU-funded JOCHERA project has heard. This will help achieve future research goals shared by European and Jordanian universities and research centres. 

Conference participants also stressed the need to establish working relationships between research centres, and to carry on working . . . “