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The Ruth E. Aten World Doll Collection: Americas

The Ruth E. Aten World Doll Collection: Americas 

via “Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology”


Caribb1. Nassau, Bahamas. Junkanoo Doll. 9 ½ “Junkanoo is a carnival-like parade that takes place in the Bahamas on December 26th and January 1st annually. The parade grew out of celebrations held by African slaves at Christmas time. Today, groups of paraders known as Junkanooers compete against each other for cash prizes. Groups range in size from 10 to 1000 people. All group members wear elaborate costumes made from strips of colorful crepe paper pasted onto cardboard that has been shaped into a variety of forms. Junkanoo is accompanied by music performed on traditional Junkanoo instruments such as cowbells, foghorns, whistles, conch shells and goatskin Goombay drums, as well as “modern” wind instruments such as trumpets, trombones and tubas.Given by Nina Wood (student). Nina was from Nassau and arranged for a personal tour guide on one our trips to Nassau. My husband, Bob, and I actually got a chance to see a parade. 1996 Junkanoo Doll, Nassau, Bahamas
Caribb2. St Thomas, Bahamas. Bahamas Girl. 2’ Stuffed cloth dolls with long legs, yarn hair with scarf, polka dotted top and flowered skirt. Given by Ruth Aten. 1995 Bahamas Girl, St. Thomas, Bahamas
Caribb3. Matanzas, Cuba. Black Cuban Doll. 10” Stuffed black cloth doll with pearl earrings, blue and white plaid head wrap and dress with yellow rickrack trim and blue ruffles. Given by John McDowell (faculty). 2000 Black Cuban Doll, Matanzas, Cuba
Caribb4. Nassau, Bahamas. Straw Doll. 16” Woven straw doll with orange straw pom-poms on hat, dress and shoes. Doll was purchase in Nassau at the Straw Market. It was a popular souvenir doll. The famous Nassau Straw Market burned down shortly after this doll was purchased. Given by Ruth Aten from a trip to Nassau. 1995 Straw Doll, Nassau, Bahamas
Caribb5. St. Maarten, Bahamas. Bahamas Lady. 12” Painted wood ball head on dowel frame with wood bead arms and stuffed body.  Doll dressed to depict current fashion in St. Maarten with flowered print skirt and head wrap. Given by Ruth Aten from a trip to St. Maarten. 1995 Bahamas Lady, St. Maarten, Bahamas