“Tessa Groshoff Finds Safety in Art”

Tessa Groshoff Finds Safety in Art

by Jennifer Larue via “The Spokesman Review

“On a white sheet of paper, Tessa Groshoff spills her secrets.

She swirls, lines and scribbles to tell her stories in the universal language of art that words simply cannot convey.

“Art is my way of communicating,” she said. “I believe a person’s voice can be heard without words. Each stroke is a memory to be created or released, and each stroke has a purpose whether it is dark or light.” . . . .”



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“Through Art, Coping With Depression and a Death”

“Through Art, Coping With Depression and a Death”

by John Otis via “NY Times

“Last May, Ms. Christian, 64, lost her partner of 37 years, Linda Brown.Even before Ms. Brown died, Ms. Christian had a tenuous grip on happiness.

“I’ve been depressed for most of my life,” she said. “Even as a kid, I never really felt attuned to what was going on around me.”

Dejection took further root in Ms. Christian this year when Ms. Brown, who had severe rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, began to deteriorate. Her mind started shutting down as rapidly as her body, said Ms. Christian, who was alarmed to see one day that Ms. Brown had cut off her beloved dreadlocks. When asked for a reason, Ms. Brown replied, with a vacant stare, “because I wanted to.” . . . .”